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Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamp Section stamp-colors-kearns-ut

 We have been specializing in making rubber stamps for over 30 years. Our system allows us to make any kind of stamp you need. We can create any design from  a simple text to a complex logo stamp with sizes up to 8” x 10”.

• Address stamps • Notary stamps • Logo stamps • Signature stamps • Date stamps

Ink comes in a number of standard colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Green and Purple. Specialty inks can be provided in other colors too.

Every stamp is produced in-house allowing us to have a standard turnaround time of only one business day.

Our stamp options:



Wood stamps
– Easy to get precise positioning
– Can be used with specialty inks – quick-dry, fabric, food marking
– More forgiving on uneven or unusual surfaces


Self-inking Stampself-inking-stamp-bend or
– Re-inkable for longevity – hundreds of impressions between inking
– The case can be reused and the information changed
– Changeable ink pads to swap colors



Pre-inked stamps
– Durable
– Long lasting – good for tens of thousands of impressions




Date Stamps and other specialty stamps
We supply all of your specialty stamp needs. From standard to custom date stamps with changeable dates, pre-made changeable phrases, custom number stamps and alpha-numberic stamps in both self-inking and non-self-inking variety. If you need it, we can supply it! These stamps can be small plastic cases or heavy-duty metal framed stamps for durability. They are customizable as well if you need to add specific information along with the date.